Horse Rookie is dedicated to helping equestrians of all levels (especially rookies) answer common questions, make informed decisions, and have more fun with horses.

That's why we create online courses about equestrian topics that aren't covered elsewhere. Through education—and putting that knowledge into action—we can help more people enjoy the equestrian world and reach their goals!

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Fill the Gaps

We focus on filling gaps in the online "equestrian knowledge market." Our courses cover topics that are largely missing from the conversation—but that are important for people of all ages and skill levels.

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Build Confidence

The more you know, the better equestrian you'll be. That's why our courses focus on boosting your awareness, deepening your understanding, and giving you the ability to take action in your own life.

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Feel Supported

Our content is designed to empower students. We can ALL learn more, and there is no weakness in saying "I don't know." Rather, we applaud everyone who wants to grow and learn more.

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